Our 2D designs are fresh, fully surfaced, and elegant. limited runs ensure your bike will stand alone. Call for pricing 657.600.1475 dealers welcome

The Inflictor is our most intricate design to date. This wheel is simply breathtaking in any size  

The MAD Christopoly. We've taken an entirely new approach to a classic design. The result... well judge for yourself

The MAD Digger is one of our most recognizable designs, now available in an affordable alternative. Intricate cuts deliver seemingly impossible depth

the MAD Twist, the 30" 3d wheel that started it all is here in a 2d version, still fully surfaced, this beautiful example, sets the bar for directional wheels

The MAD Se7en is a 7 spoke version of the classic 5 spoke Tuned wheel. This design sets the curve for directional 7 spoke wheels.

The MAD Tuned is a 2D take on an epic design, that is both modern, yet classic.  A severe angle from the hub ensures these spokes are as long as they can be so they deliver that 'chop' only a directional wheel can.

The MAD Script is a creative wheel to say the least, 10 of the same spokes facing in two directions leaves this wheel light and ready for custom finishes.